2021 Workshop



29th & 30th May 2021



Bookings essential and participant numbers limited.

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Join artist Jude Fleming for a weekend exploring drawing and painting techniques that will be expressive, personal and unique. The Language of Landscape will focus on the local landscape with both en plein air and studio work, invoking a personal response to the land and natural environment.

Suitable for all levels of art making experience, the workshop will enable a sensory approach to landscape art works. On each of the two days participants will venture into the outdoors in the morning taking visual notes and making drawings. Afternoons will be spent fleshing out the drawings with paint and creating works that pay homage to the landscape.



Jude Fleming is a highly regarded regional artist with a profound love of the Australian landscape, expressed in her notable body of work. “Even at its harshest, the Australian bush has infiltrated my soul. It speaks of ancient knowledge. It has entirely unique flora and fauna which holds a strong appeal for me.”

Jude works mostly on paper, making acrylic paintings, collages, mixed media pieces and artist books. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from National Art School and has shared her practice and studio with students for more than 30 years, conducting regular weekly classes, as well as regional, interstate and international workshops.

Her work has been featured in exhibitions at Western Plains Cultural Centre Dubbo, ARO Gallery Darlinghurst Sydney, and in numerous regional galleries. She has been a successful and admired exhibitor in Art Unlimited over the past decade.


  • Pencils, 6b and sharpener

  • Charcoal, willow and/or compressed

  • Fixative

  • Big fat black texta

  • Black waterproof ink

  • Paints - acrylic tubes, tubs and or bottles – artists or professional quality (a warm and cool of each of the primary colours – that is ultramarine blue and cerulean blue/cobalt blue; yellow deep and lemon yellow; scarlet red light and magenta; lots of titanium white; black; Phtalo green plus any earthy tones you may have – burnt sienna, umbers, ochres)

  • White gesso

  • Palettes – disposable, washable or sheets of cartridge paper

  • Water containers - a bucket and several smaller containers for water, paint and ink

  • Paper towels/painting rags

  • Brushes – bring all your favourite large brushes, nylon or bristle (sable and squirrel brushes are not suitable for acrylics)

  • An old credit card

  • Enough A1 size 300gsm (or heavier) paper/canvases for 4 finished works over the weekend

  • A2 size cartridge x 10, for quick studies and palette paintings

  • Painting boards

  • Clips, masking tape, glue, scissors

  • For en plein air painting, a portable seat, easel, hat, sunblock, chemist cotton gloves (optional)

  • Favourite collage materials

And anything else you truly love to use... (a materials list will be emailed to all participants)


There will be A2 125gsm cartridge and A1 AWP 300gsm watercolour paper available to purchase at the workshop. Cartridge 50c per sheet, AWP300 (500 x 700mm) @ $5 each sheet.


Lunch will be provided.

Jude advises participants to come with a hat, an apron and an open heart.


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